Japanese ramen soup

Ramen is a very famous dish around the globe. Although western countries have adapted ramen to their own culture, in Japan ramen is almost a sacred dish. It is the eastern equivalent to comfort food.070-400 There are thousands of ramen shops that specialize in preparing this particular

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dish. The secret to creating a delicious ramen is the traditional Japanese ramen soup also known as broth. There is no instant soup that can ever rise up to the ramen traditional ramen soup. Various ramen recipes can be found in different regions and it is the Japanese ramen soup that gives the distinct flavor to each dish. Although it takes quite a lot of time to do it the soup is the key to a delicious ramen. japanese ramen soupShoyu ramen is the classic ramen dish.It is a very salty type of ramen. This is a basic recipe and although a lot of restaurants have different approaches towards cooking it the end result is quite similar, a salty dish with clear soup and straight noodles. Even if it may sound simple Shio ramen is preferred by a lot of people. However the 3 most famous ramen recipes are: Tonkotsu ramen, Shoyu ramen and Miso ramen. Tonkotsu means pork bone therefore this type of ramen is based on boiling pork bones for a long period of time. This gives the dish an intense pork flavor and a thick broth. Shoyu ramen consists of chicken and vegetable and the main spice is of course the soy sauce witch is a very popular condiment in the Asian culture. It is a dish often associated with Tokyo because it is here where it is most popular. Last but not least

Miso ramenis one of the most popular types of ramen. Although it is a rather new recipe it has quickly gained terrain thanks to its original combination of ingredients. Miso is made from rice, barley and soy beans. Because there are a lot of varieties of miso they influence a

lot the miso ramen recipe. It can be salty or sweat and the other ramen toppings have to compliment the miso flavor in order to create a real Japanese ramen soup treat. Having peeked a little in the Asian cuisine one can only conclude that the most important ramen ingredient is the Japanese ramen best japanese ramen soupsoup. The broth

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is the one that contains most of the flavor and it takes some time and dedications in order to cook a delicious ramen soup. But once you grasp the concept of Japanese ramen you will be able to fully appreciate the value of a well-cooked dish. And I guarantee that never again will you eat instant ramen. Asian cuisine is very complex, nutritious and quite delicious and Japanese ramen is a worldwide popular dish. Although improvising is an important part of cooking in order to create a delicious Japanese ramen soup we must stick to basic concepts of the Asian cuisine. It is very important

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to preserve Japanese cuisine as part of the Japanese culture.071-687    

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