Japanese ramen

Japanese ramenWhat is Japanese ramen anyway?

Japanese ramen is one of the most popular Asian dishes. Although at first it was considered a rather exotic dish step by step Japanese ramen has become a very beloved and consumed dish all over the world.There are many varieties in ramen and it is very common for a region to have its own personalized ramen recipe. Although it is known as a Japanese dish ramen has its origins in the Chinese culture. It was later adapted to the Japanese cuisine and has since increased in popularity.

How many kinds of Japanese ramen are there?

There are four types of ramen that are known all around. Shio (salt) ramen is the basic ramen dish. Due to the fact that is a classic dish it is a perfect balance between the ingredients. Shoyu ramen is also very popular as it is a type of ramen which contains a lot of soy sauce. Tonkotsu ramen has an intense pork flavor due to the pork bone soup. But the newest ramen recipe is the miso ramen. Miso is a common Japanese ingredient made out of soy beans. There is even a dish called miso soup that is very popular. Some families eat miso soup every day at breakfast. Therefore miso ramen is quite a beloved dish among the Japanese people but in foreign countries as well.

What’s in Japanese ramen?

The main ingredients in a Japanese ramen recipe are the noodles. These are mainly flour based and although you can findJapanese ramen a lot of instant noodles in the supermarket the homemade ones are a real treat. Another important ingredient that contributes to giving a lot of flavor to ramen is the soup. The soup can be made from meat (mostly pork or chicken) or even fish. These 2 are the main ingredients but all recipes are modified and improvised to some degree so that is why there are so many variations of ramen. Other toppings include boiled eggs, soy sauce, seaweed, curry and many more.

Why should I care about Japanese ramen?

Over the last years various cultures have mingled a lot especially in the culinary department. However even though recipes are migrating all around the globe a lot of the ingredients are being lost in the way and the culinary process changes too. For example Americans love trying out new cuisines every day. It is also in their habit to adapt everything to the American lifestyle. And it so happens that a dish as nutritious as ramen can turn out to be considered junk food. Therefore if we are to understand other cultures and appreciate their cuisine we must try to maintain as much as we can of a foreign cuisines’ integrity. Japanese ramen is not at all fast food material. It is a dish that requires quite a lot of time to prepare. It takes dedication and passion in order to prepare it and a clear understanding of the basic principles of Japanese cuisine. Although instant food is becoming a rather popular concept Japanese ramen should not come out of a plastic bag. If you enjoy trying out new things in the kitchen you might consider homemade noodles and authentic Japanese ingredients and seasonings.

Wow you must love Japanese ramen huh?

Yes, yes, and yes. I love it so much that I have actually went and collected a list of Japanese ramen blogs. I plan to add more useful and interesting Japanese ramen related information on the site so watch this space!!